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Accessible Housing Strategies

The stakeholders in changing the status quo on accessible housing using Universal Design principles are:

Accessible Dreams has been working on various strategy projects to influence these stakeholders.

Accessible Dreams Housing Strategies

In the course of attempting to satisfy the housing needs and preferences of our local disability community, Accessible Dreams has designed and built the first buildings using the Independence Place and Liberty Place concepts. Furthermore, an additional accessible housing strategy called One Level Living is available.

Links to these strategies are detailed below:


Designing for Ownership vs. Rental Housing Models

Designing accessible homes for individual ownership is a different process than designing accessible units for rental. In addition to the obvious property management and maintenance issues, there are significant design concerns and regulations that need to be included: valve/meter rooms, crawlspaces and other maintenance worker access, utility and cleaning equipment storage rooms/areas, sprinkler controls, security measures, and so forth. Each of these requires specific expertise for installation, skilled management, and additional design and construction expense in both time and money.

Some funding sources for accessible housing for people with disabilities focus on rental only (for example, rental subsidies) while some focus only on outright purchase (for example, the funding available for the Liberty Place Concept was only available for housing that was to be sold lock, stock, and barrel to a person with a disability).

While the Independence Place concept lends itself to rental situations and Liberty Place for purchase situations, either could be modified to suit the other, with additional work. An Independence Place quad for outright sale would be a condominium – and different design, zoning, legal, and construction issues would become involved. The Liberty Place duplex could in theory be set-up as a rental property – but the return on investment (ROI) on the need to manage only two units in the "development" would be exceedingly low, if not negative, given maintenance and management costs.

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