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Independence Place (IP) Concept

Independence Place 1, an Accessible Dreams quadruplex

The Independence Place concept is a four-unit (quadruplex), small-scale development that can be placed in any community. The easily replicable design for in-fill rental serves as a template for other entities to duplicate the concept in other sites, creating accessible housing opportunities in multiple neighborhoods, which supports greater housing choice. The concept can be funded from a variety of sources.

Working with the Greene County Department of Human Services and the county’s RDA, Accessible Dreams completed construction of Independence Place 1 in August 2016.

Independence Place 1 floor plans

construction of Independence Place 1

Independence Place Quadruplex Design

Independence Place was designed by Accessible Dreams as a "quadruplex" (four-unit apartment building) with two accessible 1,100 SF apartments on the ground floor and two additional units on the second floor. The street-level apartments are designed to be wheelchair-friendly throughout, including zero-step entries, accessible showers, wide hallways, and accessible kitchen and laundry areas. All four apartments have been built with universal design in mind, are thus adaptable to a wide range of individual needs and preferences. Each includes two bedrooms, one bath, living/dining room, and kitchen.

The overall accessibility design of the quadruplex units was informed by the answers of survey respondents, focus group participants, TRPIL consumers and staff, and Accessible Dreams clients and staff.

bathroom pictures

construction of Independence Place 1

The Independence Place design addresses the needs and preferences of people with disabilities in the following ways:

open house

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