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Housing Discrimination

What is discrimination? If someone believes they are being treated differently based on their being in a protected class (sex, color, age, religion, national origin, ancestry, disability, familial status, retaliation, or having a GED) then they may be suffering from discrimination, and might have legal recourse to address such.

Today, housing discrimination against people with disabilities can be subtle, like offering different leasing terms for people who use a wheelchair or have a service animal (usually charging a higher security deposit fee because the potential landlord believes a wheelchair or service animal will cause additional damage to the apartment).

Reasonable Housing Accomodations

In terms of housing, a reasonable accommodation is a change to a normal practice, rule, or policy that can be made to allow a person with a disability to obtain and/or enjoy their housing. An example of this would be allowing a tenant who receives disability payments on the fifteenth of the month to pay their rent at that time, even though everyone else’s rent it due on the first of the month.

A reasonable modification can also be a physical change that could be made to the property to allow a person with a disability to safely live there. An example of this would be adding grab bars to a shower or lowering a thermostat control.

Support Animals

Support Animals or service animals are the right of every Pennsylvania citizen. Not limited to just dogs, several species can be trained to be support animals.

In housing, you have the right to your support animal because its use is directly related to your disability.
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